We fly the RED Dragon

From now on we fly camera setups of up to 5kg, using the CineStar 8 Okctocopter from Freefly Systems combined with the DJI Ronin. Here seen with the RED Dragon and Sigma 18-35mm (also with remote follow focus – eg. RT Motion) from our partner a better TRUTH David Kellermann.

By the way, we also use the RED Dragon in a fixed wing airplane as well as in a helicopter.

drone-cinestar8-octocopter-reddragon aerials

Update: „Nocturnes“ short film will be finished by November 2015.

lake huzenbacher black forest aerial drone

Summer Film is Coming Soon – Black Forest Adventure

The beginnings

A year ago I met Simon Straetker. He was on the phone and asked for my support in his project: A film about nature. About our area, the Black Forest, located in southern Germany. Showing breathtaking pictures it’s goal is to make people delighted by nature.

During this summer we met for our first shooting close to a road through the highlands of the Black Forest within the national park. The team of young and extremely motivated filmers spent several days and nights in the cold already. Clear skys and the views on the Milky Way are making exertions forgotten immediately.

Shootings for the summer film

We planned to shoot above the Lothar Trail, sunset lights in the forests and the morning fog at the wonderful lake Huzenbacher with the flying 5D Mark III. The drone – more precise an octocopter of older design in the meantime, based on MikroKopter parts – was the platform for carrying it. (Manufacturer:

Night time has been very short whereas the gravel roads we drove seemed to be endless. It happend that the last flights at lake Huzenbacher were filmed by Sven with his tele lens on Panasonic Lumix GH4 at 96 frames per second (slowmotion). Exactly at that moment the octocopter lost one of its rotors.

The most beautiful pictures, captured in Magic Lantern RAW Video mode – can be seen starting next sunday at 12am MESZ within the Black Forest Adventure summer film.

More about the Black Forest Adventure

11. Freiburg-Marathon 2014

Letzten Sonntag wurde in Freiburg zum 11. Mal der Freiburg-Marathon gelaufen. So ganz nebenbei wurde die Deutsche Halbmarathonmeisterschaft ausgetragen. Die regionale Tageszeitung (Badische Zeitung) hat Bilder und Videos erstellt:
Marathon-Video, Marathon-Überblick.
(Pilot: Felix Hosenseidl, Kamera: Stephan Schneider)

Europa-Park Winter-Emotionen 2013 / 2014

Entstanden unter Mitwirkung von
(Pilot: Felix Hosenseidl, Kamera: Stephan Schneider).

Imagefilm Europa-Park Camp Resort

Imagefilm für das Europa-Park Camp Resort mit vielen Luftaufnahmen. Szenischer Dreh mit Protagonisten.
Entstanden unter Mitwirkung von
(Pilot: Felix Hosenseidl, Kamera: Stephan Schneider).

10 Jahre Freiburg-Marathon II

10 Jahre Freiburg-Marathon, 2013

Man nehme eine große Portion Vorbreitung für Ortsbegehungen, Genehmigungen und Koordination mit allen Beteiligten sowie einige Stunden Dreh und eine Nacht Postproduktion. Genießen Sie das Ergebnis.