We fly the RED Dragon

From now on we fly camera setups of up to 5kg, using the CineStar 8 Okctocopter from Freefly Systems combined with the DJI Ronin. Here seen with the RED Dragon and Sigma 18-35mm (also with remote follow focus – eg. RT Motion) from our partner a better TRUTH David Kellermann.

By the way, we also use the RED Dragon in a fixed wing airplane as well as in a helicopter.

drone-cinestar8-octocopter-reddragon aerials

Update: „Nocturnes“ short film will be finished by November 2015.

How close a drone shot can be

With this drone shot for the festival trailer “Between the Beats 2015” in Loerrach, Germany, we push our skills of close range aerial cinematography to the next level.
For now, just watch the trailer. We’ll update this post as soon as we can tell more about what happened behind the scenes.
Thankyou Dugly Habits for the perfect cooperation.

Fredrik Kinbom | Oil | Trailer

Bald gibt es das neue Album „Oil“ von Fredrik Kinbom.
Hier schon mal der Trailer. Gedreht vergangenes Jahr in einer alten Industrie-Halle in Freiburg.
(Pilot: Felix Hosenseidl, Kamera: Stephan Schneider).