Black Forest Adventure – Films About Nature

A young team of engaged filmmakers and photographers is producing a five part short film and photo series about Baden-Württemberg’s first national park (southern Germany). Since May 2014 and until mid of next year four short films will be created about every season, as well as an final film – named „Abenteuer Schwarzwald“ (Black Forest Adventure). The project is meant to promote national park’s beauty in an attractive and approachable way especially to young people and to get them enthusiastic about visiting the Mountains of the Black Forest.

Photographs of high quality about the national park will be shot in parallel to the films, mainly to use in social media but also to present in photo exhibitions and illustrated books. Aspects of nature conservation and sustainability are playing an essential role, thereby. The first film about the summer time will be published mid of October. Others follow after finishing production. Public screenings will be arranged on events and festivals.


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