Aerial Cinematography | a +Plus for every film project

In film production close range aerial cinematography attracts more and more interest. Settings that have been possible only by complex use of camera crane and 3D animations or use of an expensive full sized helicopter can now be made within a short period of time.

Fields of Application

  • Movie + TV
  • Corporate + comercial film
  • Eventfilm + live broadcast/stream
  • Documentary
  • Inspection of industries, photovoltaic power plants and wind turbines
  • Construction documentary / progress
  • Photogrammetry + much more…

Your Advantages

  • Saving of costs compared to a full sized helicopter or a camera crane
  • More quiet and less downwash turbulences in contrast to a full sized helicopter
  • Flexible and ready for take off in a short time
  • Unique shots from bird’s eye view


While our team operates at ground level the pictures are saved on board the drone in camera. Therefore we provide different cameras.
Watch some of our past projects in our project portfolio.
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